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Logan, UT  |  888-525-7300

Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) is a leading company based in Logan, UT, that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality pressure gauges and related products. With a strong commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, APG has established itself as a trusted provider of pressure measurement solutions in a wide range of... $$$

Companies Serving Near Utah

Hayward, CA  |  510-265-3500

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC is a leading company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality pressure gauges and related products. Located in Hayward, California, MDC Vacuum Products has established a strong reputation for its exceptional products and comprehensive service capabilities.

As a trusted provider of vacuum technology solutions, MDC Vacuum...

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC $$$

Santa Ana, CA  |  714-546-6010

QED Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality Pressure Gauges and related services, headquartered in Santa Ana, California. With a strong commitment to precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction, QED has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Product Range:

QED specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive range of Pressure Gauges, designed to meet the...

QED/inc. $$$

San Diego, CA  |  858-784-0710

Reotemp is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality temperature and pressure instrumentation products, founded in 1965. The company has earned a reputation for providing durable and reliable measurement solutions for industrial and commercial applications across various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage.
One of the key ...

REOTEMP Instrument Corporation $$$

Sparks, NV  |  800-835-8367

Teltek Gauges is a leading company in the field of pressure gauges, with a strong commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional service to its customers. Founded in 1998, Teltek Gauges has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has built a reputation as a trusted provider of reliable and accurate pressure gauges.
Teltek Gauges' core product offering includes a wide ...

Teltek USA, Inc. $$$
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Pressure Gauges Power Pages

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

A pressure gauge is a method of measuring fluid, gas, water, or steam intensity in a pressure powered machine to ensure there are no leaks or pressure changes that would affect the performance of the system. Pressure systems are designed to operate within a specific pressure range...

Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

A pressure switch is a mechanical or electronic device activated by the pressure of the process fluid upon reaching a certain threshold or setpoint. A pressure switch can have a bourdon tube, piston, diaphragm, or membrane that moves or deforms according to the amount of pressure exerted by the system...

Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers

A pressure transducer is a mechanical device that converts applied pressure, a physical quantity, into a measurable and industry-standard electrical signal which is linearly and proportionally related to the applied pressure...

Air Pressure Switches

Air Pressure Switches

A mechanical device called an air pressure switch uses pressure to regulate how an electric air compressor operates. The device's air pressure circuit mechanism supplies the motor with electricity. A pressure switch relief valve is a...

Differential Pressure Switch

Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure is the difference in pressure between two points that is measured using different types of pressure sensing devices. An essential part of differential pressure measurement are gauges and switches that are...

Level Switches

Level Switches

A level switch is an electrical or mechanical method for measuring the level of a liquid, powder, or granule material. It is designed to activate an alarm if the material level in a container passes a predetermined height or depth...

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