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A digital pressure gauge is a device that displays the amount of measured pressure in an integrated digital display. It senses the pressure from gas and displays it in digital format. It does not require an operator to read the pressure value from the needle’s position as analog pressure gauges do. Instead, a digital pressure gauge utilizes a transducer. The transducer functions to convert the pressure value into an electrical signal. The electrical signal is the one that reflects the amount of the pressure reading. Read More…

Digital Pressure Gauge Digital pressure gauges are instruments used to measure fluid pressure in an area; they are distinct from analogue gauges in that their readings are represented on a digital display for easy, quick reading.

Since 1932, United Instrument Company has provided digital pressure gauges to the marine and industrial industries. In addition to our own gauges we also supply customers with Weksler, Ametek, Wika, Weiss, Ashcroft and Fluke products. We pride ourselves in our excellent and successful employee-to-customer relationships. Become one of our new customers today.

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Jetstream of Houston, LLP., a division of Federal Signal Corporation (NY:FSS), manufactures industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment utilized up to pressures of 40,000 psi. The company offers a complete line of Skid and Trailer Mounted Pump units, Control Guns, Valves, Hoses, Replacement Parts and Nozzles - in stock and ready to ship when you need them.

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Kurt J. Lesker Company is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of vacuum products and services. We have over 14,000 high quality products including complete systems, vacuum chambers, process equipment, filters, valves, gauges, deposition sources and other system components. Besides our comprehensive catalog and sales coverage, we also provide technical consulting and field service.

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Meriam offers a wide variety of mechanical and digital pressure gauges for process measurement and indication. Terrific accuracy specifications and little-to-no temperature effect set these instruments apart from the competition. Many of our digital gauge products have multiple output options to increase their versatility in today’s changing control schemes.

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Depending on the application and design, many different digital pressure gauges exist. There are portable gauges and installed gauges. Some digital pressure gauges are designed for field use and can be moved from one point to another for local readings. Other digital pressure gauges are designed for installation in specific applications like pipelines. These are for continuous use, and their application is more permanent. Digital pressure gauges require a power source to function.

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The Working Principle of a Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauges utilize pressure sensors for converting pressure into an electronic signal. There are many different sensors, but the piezoresistive pressure sensor is the most widely used. This type of sensor consists of a diaphragm with piezoresistive elements. The medium pressure causes deflection of the diaphragm. This deflection, in turn, causes a change in the cross-sectional area of the piezoresistive elements. This change is coupled directly to the electrical resistance.

Types of Digital Pressure Gauges

The different types of digital pressure gauges include:

Gauge Pressure

This type of digital pressure is vented into the atmosphere. Therefore it works by measuring all pressures relative to the atmospheric pressure which changes as the weather changes. This type of pressure gauge can only measure positive pressure.

digital pressure gauge

Compound Pressure Gauge

Positive and negative (vacuum) pressures are both measured using compound pressure. In most cases, applying a complete vacuum won't harm a gauge that solely reads gauge pressure, which is positive pressure. Consider a compound pressure gauge, nevertheless, if it is necessary for the gauge dial to show both positive and negative pressure.

When monitoring positive pressure, the pointer will rotate counterclockwise; when monitoring negative pressure, it will rotate clockwise. In low-pressure applications, such as HVAC systems, test chambers in laboratories, or any other situation where both positive and negative pressures need to be read, compound pressure gauges can be used to check for leaks in pressurized lines.

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Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Vacuum pressure gauges measure negative pressure, or pressure that is lower than atmospheric or barometric pressure. This gauge only reads negative pressure or vacuum because it is calibrated at atmospheric pressure. Therefore, this gauge can indicate when the recorded pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure. Dials for vacuum pressure gauges typically read clockwise. However, as the gauge is subjected to an increasing vacuum, the pointer spins counterclockwise. Therefore, 0 pressure will be in the 270-degree zone on a gauge with a typical 270-degree dial arc.

Sealed Pressure Gauge

This type of pressure gauge is not vented to the atmosphere. The reference chamber of this type of pressure gauge is sealed at the factory, mainly for dusty, wet or dirty environments for protecting the internal electronics. These types of pressure gauges are used for measuring positive pressure.

Absolute Pressure Gauge

This type of pressure gauge is not vented. The reference point for this type of pressure gauge is sealed at its origins under a full vacuum. Therefore vacuum pressures are even considered positive measurements.

Applications of Digital Pressure Gauges

  • Digital pressure gauges are used for measuring the condition of a gas.
  • They are utilized in heat exchangers
  • They are utilized in refineries
  • Digital pressure gauges are used in Petrochemical plants
  • They are used in Chemical plants
  • They are used in clean rooms

Benefits of Digital Pressure Gauges

  • Pressure unit readings are displayed in a variety of ways. These readings eliminate the need for the operator to perform conversion calculations to obtain readings as alternatives to different units of measurement.
  • A digital pressure gauge eliminates parallax error. Digital pressure gauges can simply display the pressure's numerical value.
  • Operators can display pressure units in a variety of ways. This function eliminates the need for the operator to perform conversion calculations to obtain readings in alternative units of measurement.
  • A digital pressure gauge eliminates parallax error. Digital pressure gauges can display the pressure's numerical value.
  • Digital pressure gauges can easily take readings in low light conditions since they are powered units with back-lit display capability.
  • Digital pressure gauges provide steady readings in applications with high vibration levels that would cause bouncing around the needles of analog pressure gauges.
  • Most digital pressure gauges can be set to various pressure ranges, while analog pressure gauges can only work in a predetermined pressure range.
  • Digital pressure gauges provide greater precision than mechanical gauges.

Disadvantages of Digital Pressure Gauges

  • On digital pressure gauges, trending or fluctuating values cannot be easily seen as on mechanical gauges.
  • They require a power source which is typically a battery. However, the battery has a limited life.
  • Solar-powered models are available for digital pressure gauges but require a continuous light source.

Choosing the Correct Digital Pressure Gauge Supplier

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing Digital Pressure Gauges from a Digital Pressure Gauge Company, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Manufacturers using our list of Digital Pressure Gauge suppliers. Each Digital Pressure Gauge Supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Digital Pressure Gauge company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Digital Pressure Gauge companies with the same message.

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